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bunq Business

Easy Bank

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Save time with instant payments

Get an NL, DE, ES, FR, or IE IBAN

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Super simple [.highlight_turquoise]business banking[.highlight_turquoise]

Easily manage all your business finances from one app, and save valuable time and money automatically.

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One bank account with an NL, DE, ES, FR or IE IBAN.

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One bunq Maestro or Mastercard, the choice is yours.

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Limitless instant payments all across Europe.

Save precious time with [.highlight_yellow]bunq Web[.highlight_yellow]

Login to your account from wherever you are to easily control your finances.

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Make super simple payments from any device.

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Order, freeze, or block cards whenever you need.

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Track all your transactions since the day you joined bunq.

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Take 100% control of your bank security

Get the chance to win €10,000 every month 🍀

Easily achieve more with your money, just by banking with bunq. Three lucky bunqers win €10,000 in the bunq Jackpot each month, and next month it could be you...

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