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Better Together

Join bunq as a family

Open a four-person bunq Pack for just €23,99/month.

Save more together

Create a bunq Pack and together save almost €12/month on subscription fees.

Share finances easily

Invite family members to make payments from one of your sub-accounts.

Invite the little ones

Easily open accounts for your kids and introduce them to banking the simple way.

bunq more for less

Want to bunq with friends or family? Start a bunq pack and share 4 Easy Money accounts or 3 Easy Money and 1 Business account with the ones you love for just €23,99.

Share finances the easy way with a bunq Joint account

Open a joint account with your loved one in just 5 minutes to start sharing finances or saving up together. You’ll both have equal access and your very own bunq card each to make easy payments together.

Connect with your favorites

Invite the ones you love most to share any one of your sub-accounts. They’ll be able to add money to it and make payments from it but, unlike a joint account, you’ll remain the legal owner. Great for teaching your little ones the basics of banking together!

What our users say

I got to know bunq through an internet search and since then I have been very surprised with the structure and support. A online bank that suits me perfectly. I always recommend bunq to my friends all over the world!

Jonathan D. O.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up! They will be verifying your information, but after that you get your IBAN right away. So, if you're a foreigner or even European, this is a very good bank ❤️

Aziza I.

I have been bunqer for a few years already, and I couldn’t be happier! Everything on bunq works amazing, the staff is kind and always happy to help, the app has a beautiful design with everything we need in just a few clicks. bunq makes my life easier every day.

Ricardo A.

bunq has made my banking life so easy. I can use my cards all around the world and get notifications for all payments. Customer service is good and very friendly, and solve any problems right on the spot. Now they started Local Currencies which I was already hoping for!

Huseyin U. A.

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